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With Beehive, parents are back in the driver’s seat of their kid’s learning journey

Track your child’s learning progress and assignments in a single app. One secure place, accessible to you, forever.

It's clear

Stop wasting time searching for information and spend more time understanding how your kid is doing.

It's simple

Our team of former educators and parents take special care in creating growth plans tailored to your kid’s needs and interests. All it takes is two clicks to implement.

It's  collaborative

Set up your Digital Hive and stay on top of your kid’s upcoming assignments, celebrate recent achievements, and more.

See how Beehive can simplify your life

Stop relying on guesswork or chasing down 3rd party recommendations. We do all the heavy lifting for you! From creating the content to structuring the plans, we provide parents personalized learning resources tailored to their kid's needs & interests.

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What you’ll find in Beehive

Data that makes sense

When Beehive connects to your kid's learning information, it reprocesses the data and mixes it with its own app insights to let you enjoy a better view on their progress.

A community to help you grow

Joining Beehive is also joining a community made of parents, teachers, and learning professionals that share thoughts and actions you might want to try at home.

Foraged content for fresh eyes

In the Hive, there’s a pretty interesting AI-driven recommendation system to forage the best content for your kids to enjoy new ways of learning.