Tired of juggling numerous family events, appointments, and activities? It's time to streamline your family's schedule and stay better organized with a shared family calendar app & planner. Say goodbye to the chaos of missed events and conflicting schedules. Beehive's shared family calendar app & planner can transform how your family manages their time and ensure everyone stays on the same page.

So why continue the struggle of managing your family's schedule the old-fashioned way? Embrace the power of technology and discover how a shared family calendar app & planner can revolutionize how your family stays organized and connected. Discover the benefits of a shared family calendar app in this comprehensive guide. Learn how to streamline your family's schedule, enhance communication, and manage time more effectively. Explore key features, review the best shared family calendar app options, and receive practical tips for optimal organization. Let's dig in!

Challenges of managing a family's schedule

Maintaining a well-organized family schedule is crucial for several reasons. First, it helps ensure that everyone's commitments are accounted for and that no important events or appointments are overlooked. By having a clear overview of the family's schedule, you can avoid conflicts and make informed decisions about allocating your time.

Second, staying better organized as a family promotes effective time management for parents. Modern families often have multiple activities and obligations, from work and school to extracurriculars and social engagements. By staying organized, you can make the most of your time, achieve a better work-life balance, and avoid unnecessary stress. You can read our time management guide for busy parents if you want to delve further into this topic.

Lastly, an organized family schedule fosters better communication and collaboration. This becomes even more important for co-parenting households. When everyone is aware of each other's commitments, planning family activities and ensuring everyone can participate becomes easier. It also encourages accountability and helps teach children valuable time management skills, such as creating a consistent homework routine, from a young age.

Introducing the shared family calendar app & planner

Managing a family's schedule can be overwhelming, especially when multiple family members have different commitments and schedules. Some of the common challenges families face include:

Scheduling conflicts

When family members have conflicting events or appointments, finding a solution that accommodates everyone's needs can be challenging. This often leads to stressful situations and missed opportunities.

Lack of communication

Without a centralized system for scheduling and communication, important information can easily get lost or overlooked. This can result in missed appointments, forgotten events, and unnecessary confusion.

Difficulty in coordination

Coordinating between family members' schedules manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. It often involves multiple phone calls, text messages, or sticky notes, leading to inefficiency and miscommunication.

Inability to prioritize

With a busy family schedule, prioritizing and allocating time effectively can be challenging. This can result in neglecting important activities or feeling overwhelmed by trying to fit everything in.

Benefits of using a shared family calendar app & planner

A shared family calendar app & planner provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges of managing your family's schedule. It's one way millennial parents are using technology to streamline their parenting journey. Not only do family calendar apps and planners help with scheduling, they also promote effective communication and collaboration, and simplify coordination between family members.

Using a shared family calendar app & planner offers numerous benefits for your family's schedule management.

Efficiency and time savings

A shared family calendar app & planner eliminates the need for manual coordination and communication. It centralizes scheduling and lets family members input their commitments directly into the app. This saves time and reduces the chances of errors or misunderstandings.

Real-time syncing

The real-time syncing feature ensures that any changes made to the calendar or planner are immediately reflected for all users. This eliminates the risk of outdated information and reduces the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

Customization and personalization

Shared family calendar apps & planners often provide customizable features, allowing you to personalize the calendar or planner to suit your family's specific needs. You can color-code events, set reminders, and add relevant details to each entry.

Improved communication

Having a shared calendar or planner makes communication within the family more streamlined. Instead of multiple phone calls or text messages, you can refer to the calendar to see everyone's availability and plan accordingly.

Access from anywhere

Most shared family calendar apps & planners are accessible from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This means family members can easily view and update the calendar & planner, whether at home or on the go.

Collaboration and shared responsibility

A shared family calendar app & planner encourages collaboration and shared responsibility among family members. Everyone has visibility into each other's commitments, allowing for better planning and coordination of family activities.

Features to look for in a shared family calendar app & planner

When choosing a shared family calendar app & planner, it's essential to consider the features that will best meet your family's needs. Here are some key features to look for:

User-friendly interface

The app should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand, even for less tech-savvy people.

Real-time syncing

The app should offer real-time syncing across all devices to ensure everyone can access the most up-to-date information.

Customization options

Look for an app to customize the calendar & planner with different colors, labels, and reminders. This makes it easier to differentiate between types of events and stay organized.

Shared to-do lists

Some apps, like Beehive, can create shared to-do lists alongside the calendar, allowing you to manage tasks and assignments within the app.

Integration with other platforms

Consider whether the app integrates with other platforms or services that your family already uses. This can enhance productivity and simplify the overall scheduling process. For example, Beehive can easily integrate with your device’s native calendar with a push of a button.

Notifications and reminders

Look for an app that provides customizable notifications and reminders to ensure that important events are not missed. Beehive’s “notify partner” feature is an excellent example of sending real-time notifications to keep your spouse in the loop while on the go.

Popular shared family calendar apps & planners

Several shared family calendar apps & planners are available, each offering its features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular options:

Beehive App

Beehive offers a robust shared family calendar app & planner within its user-friendly, all-in-one parenting management platform. Its extensive suite of organizational features help parents manage their household's day-to-day and lets you select from various everyday household events such as dinners, parties, lessons, practices, appointments, & more. The app incorporates an intuitive shared family planner to show you what’s coming up next and can sync to your native device calendar in one click. You can then share that calendar with your family to track all your household events. On top of that, you can even stay in sync in real-time by notifying family members of upcoming events with a push of a button that sends a notification to their device. You can also set recurring household events such as the weekly grocery list, practices, lessons, and more. With Beehive, it’s like having a household assistant in the palm of your hand.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a widely used calendar app that allows you to create and share calendars with family members. It offers a range of customization options and integrates seamlessly with other Google services.


Cozi is a family-organizing app with a shared calendar feature. It provides color-coded calendars, reminders, and a to-do list feature to help keep your family organized.


FamCal is a user-friendly shared family calendar app focusing on simplicity and ease of use. It offers a clean interface, shared to-do lists, and the ability to set recurring events.


Fantastical is a calendar app that supports shared calendars and offers natural language input for event creation. It integrates with various platforms and provides a range of advanced features.

Tips for effectively using a shared family calendar app & planner

To make the most of a shared family calendar app & planner, consider implementing the following best practices.

Consistency is key

Encourage family members to update the calendar & planner with their commitments consistently. This will ensure that the information remains accurate and up to date.

Set reminders

Take advantage of the app's reminder feature to receive notifications for upcoming events. This will help you and your family stay on top of your schedule.

Label events clearly

Use different colors or labels to differentiate between types of events, such as work, school, or personal commitments. This will make it easier to scan the calendar and quickly identify relevant events.

Share responsibility

Encourage older children and teenagers to take ownership of their commitments by adding them to the shared calendar & planner themselves. This promotes accountability and teaches valuable time management skills.

Sync with other calendars

If you and your family already use individual calendars, consider syncing them with the shared family calendar app & planner. This will ensure that all events are consolidated in one place.

Transform your family's schedule with Beehive’s shared family calendar app & planner

With a user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and real-time syncing, Beehive’s What’s Next shared family calendar app feature is like having your very own household assistant available at your fingertips. Add events, activities, reminders, & more. Then we take care of the rest. We will sync them to your calendar, organize the schedule, & notify you of what's coming up to keep everyone in sync.

Our What’s Next feature is underpinned by Beehive’s powerful shared family calendar app & planner, which makes it easy to input and access essential dates, set reminders, and collaborate with family members. Designed to keep everyone in the loop, it simplifies communication and eliminates the need for endless text messages or sticky notes.

Whether it's scheduling doctor appointments, sports practices, or simply planning a family dinner, Beehive’s shared family calendar app & planner has your back. It empowers your family to prioritize and make the most of their time, reducing stress and ensuring that no event slips through the cracks.

Beyond keeping your household in sync, Beehive also allows parents to keep track of their child’s progress & achievements, & gives them access to personalized learning coaches for their kids to ensure they reach their full potential. Learn more about how the Beehive app can simplify your parenting journey and start your free trial today!