Charades is a simple way to practice parts of speech with the whole family!

Here's what you can do: Simply get a few pieces of paper and write down different nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Here are some examples…

Nouns - elephant 🐘, cat 🐱, car 🚗, plane ✈️, pen 🖊

Verbs - sing🎵, jump, exercise🏋️, swim🏊‍♀️, eat

Adjectives - soft, bright, sour, muscular🏋️

Adverbs - loudly 🎤, slowly🐢, joyfully 😁

Each member of the family takes a turn by pulling a card and reading it to themselves silently. Then that person acts out what was written on the card. The family needs to guess what they are acting out AND what part of speech it would be!

Try it out!

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